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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators, Amarillo, TX

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Over 60 years of bringing savings to the Panhandle.

MRL has been in business in the Amarillo area for over 60 years. MRL is a locally- and family-owned company. Don Smith, founder, started the business years ago in a dirt-floor garage. Years later, MRL now occupies two city blocks with one giant store.

MRL's Mission Statement
To maintain Customer Satisfaction on all levels: price, quality, and service;
To turn salvage or distressed items into retailable merchandise;
To maintain an enjoyable and safe working environment along with a comfortable living for its employees;
By turning salvage into merchandise and creating complete customer satisfaction!

Bankrupt stocks, fire salvage, close-out and surplus merchandise, as well as insurance liquidation and all sorts of building materials, can be found at MRL. The best part is what you will save by shopping at MRL's stores. Friendly, helpful sales people are ready to help you with your needs at MRL. Come see us and see what you have been missing!

Don Smith (1931-1998),

Don Smith was born in Amarillo, Texas, in 1931; his family was one of the first five families in Potter County.

Don Smith

Don started in business for himself at the early age of 6 with a brush rag and a self-made shoe-shine box, walking the downtown streets of Amarillo shining shoes for 10 cents a shine.

Shoe-shine Box

As Don got older he tried several different odd jobs like an ice-cream route downtown, and several other small endeavors, till he went into the army for a four-year tour which took him to Germany. After coming home from the army, Don landed a job with State Chemical Co. in Amarillo and became a route salesman for the chemical company for several years, traveling all over the Panhandle. Then in 1961, Don thought he might like to go into the salvage business. His first venture was with his father-in-law and brother-in-law, and the merchandise was scattered all over the back yard of his house.

Then he found what was really an old garage in which half of the building had a concrete floor and the other half was dirt.

1962 store

In November of 1961, Don had an opportunity to buy his first fire stock. It was a toy store in Amarillo that burned just before Christmas. Not having the money to buy the stock himself, he was led to Mays Investment Co. where he met Mr. Troy Mays.

1963 store

Together they bought the fire stock, liked what it did, and formulated the present company of Texas Salvage Sales Inc., which was established January 1962 with Don & Troy as 50/50 partners for the next 16 years.

1964 store

Texas Salvage Sales had several Amarillo locations over the next few years due to growth and expansions. Then Don decided to expand into other market areas over the state and opened other stores.

In 1966 Don opened a store at 10th & Fillmore in a building that had been the first Furrs Super Market in Amarillo. We grew there and had 8 great years of selling just about everything under the Sun.

1966 store

Don was sucessful in having several on-site liquidations all around the country, from Lorain, Ohio, to Laredo, Texas. Then in January of 1974 we had a fire of our own, losing one of our best stores.

1974 fire

1974 fire 1974 fire

Mr. Don Smith, Founder of Texas Salvage Sales Inc., had over 35 years experience buying and selling all types of distressed merchandise. Don had an exceptional ability to determine the value of a wide variety of merchandise of all types, with great accuracy.

His experience in the field, moving stocks and selling them, gives this growing company the ability to appraise and minimize expenses for the best return to our clients. Mr. Smith earned a reputation nationwide as a very creditable person in the salvage industry.

February 4th, 1998, we sent Don to his long home after he had a sudden heart attack. Don had only one year earlier turned the business over to his son Gary Don. Gary had been brought up in the business, working in the field with his dad, moving, selling, & buying all types of salvage. For one and a half years Gary, along with the rest of the family, worked with getting over the loss of their founder. After Gary & Sudie Groom, his sister, resolved family issues around Don's death, Gary set his focus on the future success of the company.

Then the day after Thanksgiving in 2002, Gary encountered some of the same experiences as his father had years earlier, when a fire destroyed the historic building that housed the company's main store and offices.

You can see details of the fire as reported in the Amarillo Globe News.

The words of Mr. Troy Mays (Don's partner in the business for many years) came to Gary as he remembered Troy telling him, after Don's death, "The thing that stood out about your dad to me was that he never let any of the obstacles of the business get him down". Gary went to work putting together a plan for rebuilding. Several obstacles had to be overcome: land purchased from the Railroad, designs for an addition to a 100-year-old building, & funding to make it all happen. After a year & a half, all of it came together, and the new building, built in 2004, was added to the 100-year-old building built in 1904; it is now home for the main store of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators. Now with three city blocks of buildings full of merchandise, MRL is a leader in the liquidation industry in the Texas Panhandle.

The retail store is now located on S. 1st Avenue between Fillmore & Taylor Streets in the heart of the self-proclaimed "Downtown Discount District" in the heart of Amarillo, TX.

Donnie Smith,
Store, Warehouse & Shop Manager

Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith is the son of Gary Smith and the grandson of Don L. Smith. Donnie has over 15 years experience under the guidance of Don and Gary learning warehouse skills, forklift skills, cabinet design, kitchen top shop, advertising, and managerial skills. Donnie strives to maintain the morals and values instilled in him by his family. On a daily basis Donnie works to make MRL a better place for customers as well as employees.

Gary Smith,

Gary Smith

Mr. Gary Smith, CEO of MRL, has grown up in the salvage business and has over 30 years of Merchandising, Advertising, and Marketing experience. Gary has worked all types of stocks, including Bankruptcies, Insurance, salvage from fires, storms, floods, close-out merchandise and liquidations of all types of businesses. These are the reasons you need to consider using MRL for your next liquidation! With years of personal and people-managing experience, Gary is able to take your special needs and get the type of results you are looking for with a minimum expense to our clients.

Gary has completed appraisal training and received appraisal certification from the Certified Appraisers Guild of America.

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