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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators

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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators, Amarillo, TX

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Job Description: Cashier

  1. Introduction
    This standard procedure establishes and describes the duties, authority, and responsibilities of the Cashier of Merchandise Recyclers amp; Liquidators.
  2. Requirements
    1. Education
      Desired: High School Diploma or equivalent
    2. Experience
      1 year in sales dealing with the general public
    3. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
      1. Ability to read and write.
      2. Ability to work with inventories and price lists.
      3. Ability to do basic mathematical functions: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Percent.
      4. Basic computer skills.
    4. Physical
      1. Body positions: Sitting, standing, walking and lifting
      2. Body movements: Walking, stepping over obstacles, bending, and stooping
      3. Lifting: Must be able to safely lift 50 lbs.
      4. Body senses: Must hear well enough to converse on telephone, must see well enough to read reports, prints, etc.
    5. Language
      Must read and write English at High School level.
  3. Working Conditions
    Be able to work in any MRL cashier location as needed.
  4. Authority
    Deal with customers needs within the guidelines of cashier procedures.
  5. Reporting Relationships
    Cashier reports directly to the manager of the store he has been assigned.
  6. Responsibilities
    The principal responsibilities of the Cashier consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Greeting, offering assistance or directing customers to sales personnel when they enter the store.
    2. Knowledge of the merchandise for sale. Ready to answer questions from customers.
    3. Answering the telephone. Direct the calls to the person, department or store needed. Take messages and route them to the proper places.
    4. Consider what else the customer may need to fulfill their purchase; or if we donít have exactly what they need, be able to suggest a substitute of something we do have which will fit their needs.
    5. Knowledge and ability to use cash register and credit card machine.
    6. Knowledge of procedures for all payments, credits, and refunds.
    7. Knowledge of end of day closing procedures.
    8. Making sales tickets (invoices) as needed. All sales tickets (invoices) will have the following information:
      1. Customer name, address and telephone number.
      2. Date
      3. Department Number
      4. Item description
      5. Quantity
      6. Cost
      7. Salespersons initials
      8. Any damaged items stamped "Sold as is"
      9. "Will Call" marked if merchandise is not taken at the time of sale.
      10. Any other information that may be needed regarding the sale.
      If the invoice is prepared because we have purchased stock from an individual, you MUST write their Social Security number (Tax Identification Number) on the invoice.
    9. Knowledge of Tax Exemption and Resale Certificate procedures. For ALL tax-exempt or resale sales the following procedures are to be done:
      1. An invoice will be written to include all information as stated in 6.8
      2. Verify that the sale is tax-exempt. Write the reason for exemption on the invoice. If there is any doubt, call the State Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1 800 252-5555. Get the name of the person that you talk with and note their name on the invoice. Verify with them that the sale is exempt.
      3. Verify that we have a completed Tax Exemption or Resale Certificate in our files. If we do not, have the customer complete one, AND it must have a tax exemption/resale number.
    10. Prepare merchandise for placement on sales floor.
  7. Principal Duties
    The principal duties of the Cashier shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Greet and offer assistance to customers when they enter the store.
    2. Have knowledge of the merchandise for sale. Ready to answer questions from customers.
    3. Direct the customer to the area or store where they can find what they are looking for.
    4. Answer telephones.
    5. Ring up customer purchases on the register, fill out any paper work that is necessary to the customersí purchase.
    6. Accurately perform end-of-day closing to include daily cashier envelope preparation and balancing. Prepare deposit to turn into the office.
    7. Mark items on "Will Call" with the pink copy of the sales ticket.
      1. Each item on "Will Call" must have a copy of the sales ticket attached.
      2. Make sure "Will Call" merchandise is moved to the "Will Call" area.
    8. Alert customers when items are damaged
      1. If possible, tell them what is wrong with the merchandise
      2. Stamp it "Sold as is" on the ticket
    9. Prepare merchandise for the sales floor to include:
      1. Pricing the merchandise
      2. Stocking the sales floor with merchandise as needed
      3. Organize and clean sales floor and displays as needed
    10. Clean break room as assigned
    11. Be alert for shoplifters - verify purchases before the merchandise leaves the sales floor
    12. Get help for the customers with loading of the purchase as needed. Tie down merchandise only if the customer requests it.
  8. Measurement of Performance
    The Cashier measurement of performance will be considered by the following:
    1. Properly answering the telephone.
    2. Proper preparation and balancing of daily sales envelope.
    3. Maintain high degree of customer satisfaction.
    4. Other work assigned by the Store Manager has been done in an accurate and timely fashion.
    5. Product knowledge and location.
  9. Acknowledgments
    I have reviewed and understand the above job description, and believe it to be accurate and complete. I understand that management retains the right to change this job description at any time. I also understand that management may ask me at certain times to perform other duties or assign me other responsibilities than the ones written above.

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