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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators

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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators, Amarillo, TX

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Job Description: Clerical

  1. Introduction
    This standard procedure establishes and describes the duties, authority, and responsibilities of the Clerical of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators.
  2. Requirements
    1. Education
      Required: High School Diploma
    2. Experience
      Required: Two years in similar function
    3. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
      1. Familiar with day-to-day office procedure
      2. Some computer knowledge:
        1. Spreadsheet application
        2. QuickBooks computerized accounting system
      3. Deals efficiently with people, customers and other employees
    4. Physical
      1. Body positions: Sitting and standing
      2. Body movements: Walking, bending, and stooping
      3. Lifting up to 35 lbs.
      4. Body senses: Must hear well enough to converse on telephone, must see well enough to read reports, prints, etc.
    5. Mental
      Mathematics: Must comprehend bookkeeping reports
    6. Language
      A good working knowledge of English, good enough to write without spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  3. Functional Role
    1. The basic function of the Clerical is to ensure that all financial data are entered into the accounting system in a timely manner.
    2. Basic functions include:
      1. Accounts Payable
      2. Payroll
      3. Personnel Record-keeping
      4. Answering telephones
      5. Secretarial functions
  4. Authority
    The Clerical of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators has the authority necessary to conduct, manage and administer accounting matters of the company by delegation from the Administrative Manager.
  5. Reporting Relationships
    The Clerical reports to the Administrative Manager of the company.
  6. Responsibilities
    The principal responsibilities of the Clerical consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Implementation of standard accounting procedures in cooperation with the Administrative Manager and President.
    2. Maintenance of an in-house accounting system. Produce current and accurate figures consistent with established and recommended accounting principals.
  7. Principal Duties
    The principal duties of the Clerical shall consist of but not be limited to the following:
    1. Prepare and keep al financial records in a manner acceptable to government regulatory agencies.
    2. Prepare any financial reports and/or statements deemed necessary.
    3. Manage the Accounts Payable activity of the company consistent Advise the Administrative Manager of any anticipated problems.
    4. Provide for an on-going bank statement reconciliation and immediately correct any errors. Direct the daily deposit of money as early as possible.
    5. Provide for adequate office supplies while staying within budgetary guidelines.
    6. Maintain job cost and sales records accurately and completely.
    7. Maintain necessary personnel files in a confidential manner.
    8. Ensure that all required information and forms are completed.
    9. Maintain the company’s Chart of Accounts to properly collect income, cost and expense information for accurate financial reporting and control of the company’s finances.
    10. Direct and coordinate the development of the Financial Accounting Control System, including, but not limited to:
      1. Become thoroughly familiar with all modules contained in the system.
      2. Insist upon the correct and fullest practical use of all features of the computer system by all users.
      3. Ensure that the protection of routine files and data is maintained through proper disk back up.
      4. Design and develop new reports or forms as necessary through the report generation systems and programs available.
      5. Maintain proper computer input procedures and assure effective security precautions.
      6. Providing on-going support and expertise for all aspects of the accounting system.
  8. Measurements of Performance
    The Clerical will be evaluated specifically on the following factors:
    1. The ability to prepare and disburse payroll checks accurately and on time. Maintain all payroll tax and other deduction records accurately and in a current status. Resolve any possible problems, mistakes or complaints in a satisfactory manner.
    2. The ability to manage the input into the computer accurately and maintain proper security measures. The software is configured and programmed to meet company needs. All staff receive the training and support necessary.
    3. Overhead allocation, labor burden and cost of materials are calculated so that a break-even cost can be used to assist management in the decision making process.
    4. Demonstrated capacity and ability to establish and maintain the accounting and management information functions of the company to the satisfactory expectations of the Administrative Manager.
    5. The degree of cooperation, communication and coordination with all other departments is satisfactory.
  9. Acknowledgments
    I have reviewed and understand the above job description, and believe it to be accurate and complete. I understand that management retains the right to change this job description at any time. I also understand that management may ask me at certain times to perform other duties or assign me other responsibilities than the ones written above.

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