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Job Description: Operations Manager

  1. Introduction
    This standard procedure establishes and describes the duties, authority, and responsibilities of the Operations Manager of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators.
  2. Requirements
    1. Education
      Required: High School Diploma or equivalent
    2. Experience
      1. Required: Three years management experience
      2. Preferred: Three years experience in a retail environment
    3. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
      1. Familiar with all aspects of Salvage operations.
      2. Needs leadership skills.
      3. Needs to understand numbers (financial and construction) and how to deal effectively with people.
    4. Physical
      1. Body positions: Sitting and standing
      2. Body movements: Walking, stepping over obstacles, bending, and stooping
      3. Lifting: Must be able to safely lift 100 lbs.
      4. Body senses: Must hear well enough to converse on telephone, must see well enough to read reports, prints, etc.
    5. Mental
      1. Mathematics: Must comprehend financial and operations reports, and be able to prepare and understand budget reports.
      2. Must be able to measure blueprints and prepare residential and some commercial estimates and quotations.
    6. Language
      1. Must read and write English at High School level.
      2. Must be able to communicate ideas and instructions effectively both orally and in writing.
  3. Working Conditions
    100% of time spent in office or going between stores.
  4. Functional Role
    1. The basic functions of the Operations Manager are that of a working administrator to provide the necessary planning, organization, direction and control to meet the operational goals of the company.
    2. Basic functions include:
      1. Monitor entire company operations
      2. Corporate Personnel Management
  5. Authority
    1. The Operations Manager at Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators is given the authority necessary to conduct, manage and administer designated operational affairs of the company by the President.
    2. This authority includes:
      1. Setting the limits for the activities of employees reporting to her/him directly or indirectly so that the company can proceed toward established objectives without undue involvement by the Operations Manager in the day-to-day activities.
      2. Recommend hiring, firing or discipline of all employees.
      3. Recommend changes in salary guidelines to the President. Approval of changes in individual compensation within these guidelines.
      4. Approval of non-capital purchases involving the company within limits as set by the President. Recommend to the President any capital purchases deemed necessary.
      5. Review all employee evaluations.
  6. Reporting Relationships
    1. The Operations Manager reports to the President.
    2. The positions which report directly to the Operations Manager are:
      1. Administrative Manager
      2. Store Managers
  7. Responsibilities
    The principal responsibilities of the Operations Manager consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Plan, coordinate and control all operational activities of each segment of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators to produce the maximum return on the business investment.
    2. Ensure that budgets, variance reports and follow-ups are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Make recommendations to the President regarding budgets and variances.
    3. Recommend changes in policies and procedures to the President. Ensure that all approved policies and procedures are adhered to by all employees reporting to her/him directly or indirectly.
    4. Ensure that accounts receivable and collections are performed correctly by the Administrative Manager or her designate. This is a function that should be monitored by the Operations Manager. Those accounts that become delinquent, Do Require the involvement of the Operations Manager.
    5. Creation and promotion of the company image through the exercising of sound and ethical business practices as related to employees, the public and customers. This includes ensuring that service and quality provided to customers is satisfactory.
    6. Analyze and report on all operating results to the President. Control expenses within monthly budget guidelines approved by the President.
    7. Ensure that effective staff development is an on-going program at Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators. Improve productivity and profitability by ensuring that all company employees are aware of appropriate methods and the latest trends in merchandising.
    8. Take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the responsibilities of management, so long as such action does not deviate from established company policies and is consistent with sound business judgment.
  8. Principal Duties
    The principal duties of the Operations Manager shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Identify and establish specific company goals and providing direction to subordinates for their attainment.
    2. Meeting regularly with key personnel to ensure that information flows both directions and that stated goals and objectives are met.
    3. Prepare an Employee Evaluation for all positions reporting directly to him. Review all Evaluations which are prepared by other supervisory personnel.
    4. Ensuring that all company budgets are implemented and functioning. Managers should be aware of variances from the budgets and be able to explain and/or take corrective action to control future expenses.
    5. Monitoring the operations of the business through verbal and/or written reports on a regular basis. Ensure that all questions are running according to the budget and plans.
    6. Maintaining an awareness of business related trends, advances and improvements, and to determine the economic impact of any financial, technical or political activities that could affect the company.
  9. Acknowledgments
    I have reviewed, and understand the above job description and believe it to be accurate and complete. I understand that management retains the right to change this job description at any time. I also understand that management may ask me at certain times to perform other duties or assign me other responsibilities than the ones written above.

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