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Amarillo, Texas 79101
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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators

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9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday - Friday,
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Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators, Amarillo, TX

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Job Description: Store Manager

  1. Introduction
    The purpose of this procedure is to define the functions, duties, responsibilities and performance criteria for the Store Manager at Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators.
  2. Function
    The basic function of the Store Manager is to take the necessary steps, within physical and budget constraints to meet and/or exceed sales forecast and in so doing maintain the level of gross profit as required in the annual budget.
  3. Reporting Relationships
    1. The Store Manager reports to the Operation Manager.
    2. Positions reporting to this position:
      1. Customer Relations
      2. Counter Salesperson
      3. Outside Salesperson
  4. Authority
    1. The Store Manager is granted all the authority required to carry out the responsibilities to this position.
    2. The Store Manager may delegate and assign authority to positions that report to this positions, but retains the ultimate responsibility for all performance criteria.
  5. Job Requirements
    1. Education
      Required: High School Diploma or equivalent
    2. Experience
      1. Required: Five years experience in retail sales
      2. Preferred: 2 years supervisory experience
    3. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
      1. Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of retail sales.
      2. Must be able to read and understand both technical and financial data.
      3. Need excellent communications skills, supervisory, and managerial skills.
      4. Some knowledge of computers. Be able to learn and understand the company’s computerized reporting.
      5. Must maintain a professional personal appearance.
    4. Physical Requirement
      1. Body positions: Sitting, standing, bending
      2. Body movements: Will move throughout office, warehouse and stores
      3. Lifting: Must be able to safely lift 50 lbs.
    5. Mental Requirement
      1. Mathematics: Must have good knowledge of arithmetic functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimal. Must be able to understand budgets and forecast.
      2. Language: Must be able to speak with and understand Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators’ customers, management, and personnel reporting to this position.
    6. Working Conditions
      1. 20% Desk function
      2. 80% Visiting customers
      3. Licensing: Must have a valid drivers license and have a good driving record.
  6. Responsibilities
    1. Maintain a well-trained, highly motivated sales force, and work closely with the purchasing manager to maintain a balanced inventory.
    2. Plan, organize and control the store activities.
    3. Measure the performance of the store employees.
    4. Forecast goals and objective of the store and strive to meet those goals.
    5. Oversee the efforts of the sales people to enhance the Image and Customer Satisfaction of Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators.
    6. Hire, train, motivate, counsel, and monitor the performance of the sales staff.
    7. Assist in development programs of improvement for those sales people who are failing to reach their objectives.
    8. Recommend for dismissal any salesperson failing to consistently meet company objectives.
    9. Conduct regular sales training and/or meeting.
    10. Work with sales people to increase market penetration.
    11. Recommend to the Operations Manager items to be carried by Merchandise Recyclers & Liquidators. Additionally, recommend items that should be discontinued based on company’s "dead items" criteria.
    12. Understand, keep abreast of, and comply with federal, state, and local regulations as they pertain to items sold.
    13. Assist the Operations Manager in the development of promotions, and sales programs for the company.
    14. Continually strives to determine new services/lines for the company to provide, market areas to service, always maintaining the policy of providing only high quality services and products.
    15. Accomplish additional work as assigned by the Operations Manager.
    16. Conduct performance evaluations on all employees working in his/her store.
  7. Measurement of Performance
    The Store Manager will be deemed to be performing satisfactorily:
    1. When sales objectives are properly established and consistently met.
    2. Maintaining a high degree of Customer Satisfaction.
    3. When sales people are considered adequately trained to company standards.
    4. When other work assigned by the Operations Manager has been done in an accurate and timely fashion.
  8. Acknowledgment
    I have reviewed and understand the above job description and believe it to be accurate and complete. I understand that management retains the right to change this job description at any time. I also understand that management may ask me at certain times to perform other duties or assign me other responsibilities than the ones written above.

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